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I..can explain??

Ask Chocolate Swirl is a Draw Blog that answers questions proposed to Chocolate Swirl, a Pegasus OC.

The blog is intended to be a Safe For Work blog, and attempts to be cute and fluffy. It sticks to the shows canon as much as possible. It will delve into some deeper topics such as past issues with her former family, current family stresses, and issues with questions given to her by (normally) anons.

The blog occassionally makes references to other fandoms that the Moderator is in, such as Homestuck and Doctor Who .

Recurring Characters (Mod-Owned)Edit

Chocolate Swirl - The main character of the blog; a young Pegasus originating from Cloudsdale who now lives near Sugarcube Corner with her adoptive parents, Peach Petal and Strawberry Twist, and her younger brother Sunburst. She's currently in the awkward stage of growing from Filly into Mare, but is still rather small for her age. Her Cutie Mark is a pink swirl, but she is completley uncertain as to what it represents, exactly, as she belives her special talent should have something to with scarves. Because Swirl is completley obsessed with scarves .

Strawberry Twist - One of Swirls mothers. She adopted the young filly alongside her wife, Peach Petal. She is a white unicorn whose special talent is singing and preforming in front of crowds in general.

Recurring Characters (Owned by Others)Edit

Fairy Quill - One of Swirls closest friends; they met soon after Swirl moved into Ponyville.

Hasty Hooves - Another close friend of Swirls whom she met after moving to Ponyville as well. She is a couple years older than Swirl, having attended Flight Camp with Rainbow Dash and Gilda.

Peach Petal - One of Swirls mothers. She adopted the young filly alongside her wife, Strawberry Twist. (Owned by Fairy Quill.)

Sunburst - Swirls younger brother. Currently a very, very young colt. (Joint owned with Fairy Quill.)

Tumbl - An older Pegasus Stallion. Swirl met him during her younger years when she lived in Cloudsdale, and the two maintain a brother-sister relationship.

While they don't appear in the blog quite as often, Swirl is shown to be friendly with Fizzy, Dust Cloud, Charlie Foxtrot , Zephyr Force, Cranberry Popper, and Snowflake Shimmer .

Recurring TopicsEdit

Scarves and tasting like chocolate- the latter is an issue she occasionally gets worked up over.

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