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The Ask-Chillyflake turmblr blog is about the original character Chillyflake a female pegasus who loves the snow and winter. The blog contains mostly drawn answers to messages and questions it receives. It re-blogs post and answers from other blogs that involve Cillyflake. The mod does not post NSFW, or Grimdark, and tries to ask clean questions to other ponies so that their is no NSFW content to reblog.

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Ask, and Drawn

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Safe For Work

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Christmas, 2011

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Follower MilestonesEdit

This blog sometimes does, and sometimes does not partake in follower milestones. A few of them being the 50 and 100 follower marks, but nothing as of yet for 200 but a small blog post.

  1. 50 follower update
  2. 100 follower update
  3. 200 follower update


The blog is about one character named Chillyflake. She is a younger pegasus mare. She has not yet had her background created, her cutie mark is a snowflake unaccompanied with a special talent or fillyhood story.


The blog seems to only do crossovers to the extent most ask-blogs do.


As of yet no interesting Trivia has been added.

The ModEdit

He is a 22-year-old student in computer science. The new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic phenomenon encouraged the mod to start practicing at drawing. But the lack of imagination led to the creation of the blog in order to receive stuff to draw via the ask box, and thus keep practicing and improving at drawing. Questions are mostly answered during the week-end (busy weeks because of school).

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This blog is not connect to any other blog in a signficant way.


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