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Status Inactive
Date Created Oct. 12, 2012
Main Character(s) Cherry Soda, Queen Chrysalis (dubbed Black Cherry)
Supporting Character(s) Kitty Kat

 Cherry Soda is a 14 year old earth mare who runs a cherry soda making business out of her home. She currently lives with her guardian and mother-figure, Kitty Kat and house Black Cherry (Queen Chrysalis) after finding her knocked out in their backyard.

Cherry backstoryEdit

Cherry's parents died at their soda factory when she was 4 after an accident when someone filled the carbonation plant with Carbon Monoxide instead of Dioxide, which caused a large gas explosion, thus killing the workers and them both. Cherry was safe at home with her babysitter and parents' good friend, Kitty Kat. Ever since the tragic experience, Cherry Soda does not trust large soda processing plants and prefers to keep a small cottage industry to provide soft drinks mainly for catering services, the pay is good enough to maintain both Kitty and Cherry. Though a cottage industry leaves them with challenges, such as lack of recognition among consumers, she's really only well known by her fellow neighbors out of ponyville.

Just recently, a black figure (Chrysalis) has fallen out of the sky and into her backyard. Neither Cherry nor Kitty recognize her, and so, nurse her back to health. She goes by Black Cherry currently.