Ask Cerulean Blue
Cerulean Blue
Ask Cerulean Blue tumblr
Blog type OC ask blog
Status Active
Date Created Sep. 3, 2012
Main Character(s) Cerulean Blue
Supporting Character(s) Smiley Horn (friend), King Sombra (annoyance), anon
Connected With Ask Scootabellebloom (enemies), Ask Spongepony612 (Smiley Horn)

 Ask Cerulean Blue is a drawn OC ask blog created by Kattayle, or ceruleanbluemod . It features a young pegasus named Cerulean. She likes sweets and computers.

Some blogs and characters featured in this blog:

Ask Cerulean Blue

Ask Spongepony612

King Sombra

King Sombra is actually from another website, Fanpop . However, he enjoys annoying Cerulean on anon, leading to rage.

Ask Scootabellebloom

Cerulean and Scootabellebloom became instant enemies after an incident with candy and clouds. Now, they avoid each other unless Scootabelle decides to mess around. Other various ponies

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