Ask Casey
Casey avatar
Ask Casey Pony tumblr
Owner univertaz
Blog type Ask, OC, Art
Status Active
Main Character(s) Casey
Supporting Character(s) Uni


Casey is a unicorn pony OC created by univertaz.

Casey's unique attribute is her long brush double tail which she can control as if it was her limb. She also wears a yellow cloth on her neck and has small sharp fangs.

She doesn't live somwhere in particular, more like in an abstract space, but in some posts she is seen inside a house, on the street or on the grass, probably in Manehatten, Ponyville or other town.

She is a pretty lazy, cynical, a little egoistic, but kind. She also likes handsome stallions.


Casey has a light-grey colored body with a little shade of peach. Her mane is deep blue with a grey and a green stripes on the left. The thick base of her tail is also deep blue and the double brushes are grey and green respectively. Her eyes and magic aura are green.

Cutiemark and special talentEdit

Casey's cutiemark has a white and a black arrow, turning around counterclockwise, splattering. That means she doesn't have a specific special talent and almost everything she tries to do goes well and bad periodically. She tried herself in music, drawing, cooking, magic and many other things and everywhere she had some success followed by a fail followed by success and so on.

Other factsEdit

The drawing style of the blog is different just like Casey's mood.

Her true colors are rarely met in the posts.

She has an evil R63 clone a stepbrother Uni - a white coated pegasus with dark mane and tail with yellow and red stripes. He shares the same cutie-mark as Casey.

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