• Cardinal is a very, very talented Wonderbolt. She grew up in Las Pegasus, growing up with 6 siblings.
Cardinal Swift
Ask Cardinal Swift tumblr
Owner SwiftTomatoes
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created May 15, 2012
Main Character(s) Cardinal Swift, Spike Flarity
Supporting Character(s) Any OC that is available
    • Bluebird (girl)
    • Jay (girl)
    • Robin (boy)
    • Woodpecker (boy)
    • Eagle (boy)
  • Traveling to ponyvilleto become a Wonderbolt, she became very good friends with Spitfire and a heat princess by the name of Spike. She would show Spitfire her skills, and finally a day came where Spitfire was amazed. Cardinal performed a rare trick, called a Fire Twist. Cardinal looped and her tail then caught on fire, causing the Fire Twist. Soarin was the only colt that had done it-- that named her the only mare-- and he was great.
  • Joining the Wonderbolts, Cardinal spent more time with Spike, because of her interest in fire. She taught her and her brother, Eagle, to do many things with their wings.
  • Cardinal's place in the Wonderbolts had moved quickly-- by week 5 she was already Co-Captain.
  • Spitfire and her are very close now, having her ambition to be the Wonderbolts' Captain.

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