Captain Shadowstep
Ask Captain Shadowstep is a semi NSFW story/rp and picture blog that follows the story of Captain Shadowstep. He currently leads the 205th New Lunar Republic magic hunter task force to hunt down dangerous artifacts and criminals all over Equestria.


Shadowstep is a black male unicorn with blue stripes. He has has blue eyes and often keeps his hair parted to the left side of his face. His cutie mark is a snowflake with a purple torn ribbon. This represents his mastery over shadow and ice magic.

Personality & RelationshipsEdit

When Shadowstep was younger he was abandon in Manehatten. He always thought that his family hated him and was soon adopted by a group of dogs who lived under the city. He raised him like family and he soon soon left Manehatten to join the Royal guard after witnessing a celebration in which the unicorn guards showed off their power.

However he didn't think that his brother ,Lightblade, had the same idea. He meet his brother after 5 years in the unicorn guards. His brother thought that because his brother was abandon that he would try and make it up to him. Shadowstep refused any and all aid that he gave him. Soon they turned to dislike each other as they were placed under separate control. Lightblade was placed under Princess Celestia solar army while Shadowstep was placed under Princess Lunar royal guards.

From then on he has been cold and seemingly emotionless during hours of service. However he shows some emotions to those he trust. How often shows little mercy when attacked or provoked and is often yelled by his commanders for it.


Currently Shadowstep only has mastery over two forms of magic, shadow and ice. He is also a skilled fighter in close quarters combat. He took place in Project Dream Catcher, which was a weaponization project of Nightmare Moon's corrupted armor fragments. The fragment inside him allows him to gain an increased power to his magic and natural abilities but only for a very short period of time.



Shadowstep is part Zebra and was often picked on by others whehn he was younger. His mother see's him as weaker and undeserving to be apart of her tribe. She claimed that because he used magic like his father he didn't belonged with her tribe and banished him from the land for all of his life. His father who was a royal guard in Manehatten tried to keep him inline as he often got into fights with other ponies about his heritage. Soon after his father got tired of keeping him out of trouble and left him in Manehatten as he took his new wife and younger half brother Lightblade to Canterlot.

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