Ask Button Masher
Feel free to ask, I won't bite.
[ Ask Button Masher tumblr]
Owner Button's MOD, Ryan
Blog type Ask/RP Blog
Status Open for asks
Date Created I dunno, a while ago I guess
Main Character(s) Button Masher

Misty (Button's daughter) June Berry (Button's second recent born daughter)

Supporting Character(s) Ryan (His MOD, he usually hangs out in Canterlot due to his job and wife Luna)
Connected With Zelia Shadowmere (Button's loving and caring wife)

Ask Button Masher is a blog about an Orange pony living with his two daughters Misty and June Berry. He has a wife, Zelia Shandowmere. Button may have no siblings, but since he is married to Zelia, he has a lot, including: Black Diamond, Crank, and Zelos. Button also has Satan as his father-in-law, but they only met once when Zelia was once in a state of depression, which caused the whole mountain to freeze over for a long period of time. Lizzie is also Button's daughter, but Misty and June Berry are the only biological children Button has. He is also a werewolf, which he attained his own powers from Black Diamond.

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