Ask Buttercheese
Now that I am leader, hats for everyone!
Ask Buttercheese tumblr
Owner TariToons
Blog type Ask, Art
Status Active
Date Created 11/27/2012
Main Character(s) Buttercheese
Supporting Character(s) Pinkie Pie, Thunder Riff, Hamlet the Babycreeper, Uncle Applestrudel
Connected With Ask Hamlet the Babycreeper, Ask the Royal Guards, The Butts Company

Ask Buttercheese is one of three drawn Tumblr Ask Blogs by TariToons. In this blog, the author portrays herself as a pony. The blog is part of the collaboration project The Butts Company.

Story PremiseEdit

Buttercheese is a green unicorn from Germaney who moved to Ponyville with her boyfriend Thunder Riff some time ago. She is the grand neice of Applestrudel and therefor a distant relative to the apple clan. Her life's goal is to become a cartoonist while handling her everyday life. Other than that, she owns a ton of plushies who have, without her knowing, a life of their own. One of them is Hamlet the Babycreeper.


Character Name Role
Buttercheese The shorttempered and totally cray-cray protagonist.
Thunder Riff Buttercheese's camerashy boyfriend.
Hamlet One of Buttercheese's plushies.
Pinkie Pie

The one who likes to break into Butter's house all the time.

Uncle Applestrudel Buttercheese's greatuncle
Buttercheese friendship ahoy1

The official My little Pony comicsEdit

In issue #13 of the official IDW My little Pony comic series, My little Pirate: Friendship Ahoy #1 , a backgroud pony with very striking resemblance to Buttercheese can be seen.

Not just does the colour scheme match up, but also the manestyle and the character is wearing a hat. One may argue, that the horn is missing, but as seen several times in other official works, horns usually vanish when the character is wearing a hat, the most popular example being Trixie, who's horn should clip through her hat the way she is wearing her headattire.


  • Buttercheese's full name is Butterscotch Cheesecake.
  • After Twilight found out she could change cutie marks, Buttercheese asked her to have to give her cutie mark a cosmetic surgery.
  • Buttercheese's most common nicknames are Butters and Butterbutt (while the last one is exclusive to members of the Butts Company).
  • The name "Buttercheese" is a literal translation of the german word "Butterkäse". The cheese tastes much like a very young gouda.
  • Her favourite drink is black tea with milk and honey.

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