Ask Brony Deadpool
Tumblr m1774hxXZL1r7n9w1o1 1280
Ask Brony Deadpool tumblr
Owner Kazard
Status Active
Date Created 1/9/2012
Main Character(s) Deadpool
Supporting Character(s) Pinkie Pie
Connected With Pinkiepool

Ask Brony Deadpool is a tumblr about Deadpool, who happens to be a fan of the My Little Pony show. Though distinctly a human, Deadpool is occasionally depicted in pony form. This tends to be more because the moderator of the blog lacks any personal artistic talent and tends to use images taken from Deadpool comics, fan art and such, in their replies.

Wiki image is used courtesy of Pinkiepool.

"The mod totally wears soccer referee socks." -Sea Shanty Mod

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