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Ask-Box-Ships is an ask/RP blog based on the Original Character, Box Shippins, last name legally changed to Ships. A sociopath earth pony with a "blade fetish" and a "slight inability to die".

He works as a minion/henchman due to believing that an ethereal force known simply as Fate wishes him to work the biggest job that no pony else wants to, and is currently employed under Basil the Dragon.

He keeps numerous lethal weapons on his body at all times, usually in saddlebags adorned with cardboard boxes. Before becoming a minion, he worked in packaging and shipping, but aside from this, he keeps much of his history a secret, even from his employers. He is very dry and often comes off as uninterested, usually because he is. He thinks very little on his appearance and focuses on only what will help him survive, the only exception is the hat he wears at all times and his lengthy mane. Despite this, he is prone to preaching on the ways of Fate, who comes off as a mischievous, sadistic, omniscient being who is constantly manipulating creatures to her goals.

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