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Ask Bedhead is a drawing response ask blog for the OC unicorn, Bedhead.

Bedhead is essentially the mod's ponysona.

The mod of the blog, missmagikarp , is also the mod of AskPinkieDash.

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Family & BackgroundEdit

Bedhead is a (mostly) nocturnal female unicorn, around the age level of the mane six in the show.

Family born and raised in Ponyville, but parents now live in Canterlot as designers. Her brothers (2) are off pursuing their careers and studying under mentors. She has a fluffy white and grey cat named Jackson.



BedHead's Bed & Breakfast exterior

She lives in Ponyville, working at her own establishment Bedhead's Bed & Breakfast. Her room is on the bottom floor next to the main kitchen. Her room sticks to a dark green theme and is kind of hippie-like, a pegasus friend helped installed a cloud matress and using her magic she is able to sleep on it. Obvious to it's name, Bedhead's Bed & Breakfast

is a vacation house for ponies who want to get away and relax. Using magic, custom matresses/pillows/blankets are created specifically for the customer.

Cutie Mark & Special TalentEdit


Her cutie mark features two blue, polka dotted pillows. She got her cutie mark a bit later than most young ponies, most likely because she stayed indoors and in bed most of the time.

Her family was in a time of great stress and anxiety, which resulted in them all being unable to sleep properly. One late night the family was fighting in the living room and Bedhead woke up to see what was going on. Once the fight started to get physical, Bedhead ran in on an impulse and quickly used her magic to lull them all to sleep. Bedhead stayed up all night creating pillows and matresses with her magic, and after everypony was put into their new beds she fell asleep. When she awoke she found out she got her cutie mark.

Since then her special talent has being able to calm ponies stress and anxiety and put them to a smoother sleep. She can also create special pillows/matresses/blankets.


Tumblr m0fvc5tFqE1r33fleo2 r1 500


Average height and weight. She has a messy, thick, long green mane with dark green streaks (3 on the head, 1 on the tail) going through.

She has Pinkie Pie-style deep blue eyes. Her fur is soft and white, like a blanket.

Sometimes wears glasses when working.


Relaxed, calm, smart, hospitable, optimistic. She loves playing harmless pranks and is very good at getting away with certain things because of her sly nature.

Astrological Sign: Cancer, June 28th

Trait Meaning
Virtue 1: Humour Ease of manner, courtesy, openness, and friendliness
Virtue 2: Wholesomeness Kind, gentle, level-headed
Flaw 1: Solitude Enjoys to be alone
Flaw 2: Superego High morals & follows the rules

Status, Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Unicorn ability to use telekinesis: She was taught quickly after birth and learned much faster than others, however the powers are frequently not applied. Parents both push her to live up to high expectations.

Unicorn ability to use magic: Basic unicorn knowledge learned in school. Keeps a spell book aquired from an adult friend.

Status: In a relationship with D-Pad .

Skills: Persuasion, observing behaviour, innocence, creativity

Abilities: Telekinesis, Swimming, multi-tasking

Skill Level
Agility Below Average
Intelligence Above Average
Wisdom Average
Charisma Average
Beauty Above Average
Luck Below Average

Likes & DislikesEdit

As expected she loves to sleep and be around things that are comfy/soft/cloud-like, etc.

Question Answer
Favourite food: Marshmallows & veggies
Least favourite food: Slimey foods
Favourite drink: Fizzy things
Least favourite drink: N/A
Favourite music: Ambient, instrumental
Least favourite music: Loud & generally awful
Favourite colours: Green, blue, white
Least favourite colours: N/A
Favourite place: Dark & comfy, water
Least favourite place: Really bright, hot areas
Favourite animal: Cat
Least favourite animal: Frogs
Other likes: Swimming, stallions
Other dislikes: Stress, physical labour
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, drawing, sleeping

PonyProm 2012Edit

Bedhead went to PonyProm with D-Pad , a close friend. Here are some pictures:

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