Ask Baddershy
Bad and Shy
The picture that started it all.
Ask Baddershy tumblr
Owner The Dashing Rogue (TDR)
Blog type Ask
Status WIP
Date Created June 09, 2012
Main Character(s) Strong Bad, Fluttershy
Supporting Character(s) Mane Cast

"Of all the pastel colored crappy horses around here, she's the least vomit inducing. I only puke a little when I see her stupid, dumb face."
- Strong Bad, on his relationship with Fluttershy

Ask Baddershy is a blog under construction by a new and emerging artist about Strong Bad from Homestarrunner fame getting stuck in the ponyverse while messing with his gameboy-in-a-blender alternate universe travel machine.


Much like Dan, Strong Bad absolutely despises the position he's been put in, finding everypony else intelorable, and thus quickly causing everyone to dislike him thanks to his overall rudeness. As a result, Fluttershy was the only one that couldn't say no when Strong Bad started squatting in her house, because she's kind like that.

Fluttershy is somewhat afraid of Strong Bad, him being stuck in a constantly violent nature, yet also fascinated by his (tall) tales of "amazingfull wonderosities." Over time, she grew somewhat attached to the masked man.

Strong Bad however absolutely refuses to acknowledge that he and Fluttershy would be friends, and attempts to put her down at every turn, much like everypony else. He does have a soft spot for her somewhere deep inside, however.

But other then Fluttershy, everypony else pretty much loathes Strong Bad's existance, annoyed by his rude actions and mistreatment of Fluttershy.

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