Ask Baby Night-Fury
Ask Nocturne avatar-01
Ask Baby Night-Fury tumblr
Blog type Ask/Story
Status semi-active
Date Created December 27, 2012
Main Character(s) Nocturne, Mane 6, Spike

 Ask Baby Night-Fury is a HTTYD(How to Train Your Dragon)/MLP:FiM Crossover Ask/Story blog modded and created by CapricornTheDragon of Tumblr and DeviantArt.

The Blog follows the main character, A baby Night-Fury dragon, that had mysteriously woke up in everfree forest with no memories of his past or how he even got to everfree in the first place. He has since been resuced by Twilight Sparkle, from a manticore with strange glowing red eyes trying to hunt and kill him. Due to him having Amnesia, and seeming to be an orphaned dragon, The Night-Fury, now named Nocturne, is currently living with Twilight and Spike at the ponyville library.

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