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 Ask Asquerade follows a unicorn called Asquerade who is the OC pony of Asquerade on DeviantART. A series of stories will soon be posted on DeviantART, detailing his life from birth, to where he is now.

Known facts about Asquerade (more to be revealed as more questions have been answered):

  • He is from Buckinghamshire, and grew up in a bookstore.
  • He specialises in Mind-related magic.
  • He won at least one school chess tournament, and gave the prize money to his parents and his family bookstore.
  • He became the personal student of the oldest general in Celestia's Royal Army after impressing him by winning the chess tournament and then donating the money to a bookstore.
  • In one party, he used Poison Joke recreationally. According to him, it didn't end well. But he got better.
  • He survived getting his mind split into thirds.
  • He created a cloning spell that, according to him, "Actually works(Mostly!)".
  • He once ate a tree.
  • According to him, he could not bake a fruit muffin to save his life.
  • When asked if he liked Twilight Sparkle, his response was: "Twilight Sparkle? Well, she seems nice, and more importantly, she’s smart. I’ve met her a few times, and she’s cute, and hot, and I… uh… well… When I retire, I’ll… uh… I’ll look into it. Yeah. (Nervous laughter)Eh heh heh… heh heh..."
  • He went to Coopenhagen, a Griffon town, and often wonders what happened to it once he left.

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