Ask Arty the changeling
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Ask Arty the changeling tumblr
Owner MidnightMeowth
Blog type artistic blog
Status Active
Date Created January 2013
Main Character(s) Arty the Changeling
Supporting Character(s) Whitesteel
Connected With old arty Blog

Ask Arty (Just another changeling) is a blog created by midnightmeowth 

Former blogEdit

before working in this blog, midnightmeowth (also know as Tha Mod or Arty Mod) had a homonymous blog , who have been discontinued because his friend, and main supporter Riygan discontinuated his blog (ask equinox girls)

after change the blog name to Arty old blog and then changing a little his OC.

Difference between the old and the new ArtyEdit

the original arty was an undead pony, with spiked mane (and an orange line in the mane) 


d had an really confusing personality, he also had two friends, an unicorn called glaring (who was his former girlfriend) and her sister Coursage the new Arty is a changeling, he normally show himself as an gray pony with black and messy mane, he is also really shy and works as ace of trades in ponyville


Pearl: pearl is arty older sister .

she is very tall (compared to arty) and looks have a crush for arty best friend Whitesteel

Tumblr m7r1ew2mXf1r69ouao1 1280

Arty old looking

576995 safe oc animated changeling artist-colon-midnightmeowth oc-colon-arty

Arty new looking

Whitesteel: arty best friend. normally try act like the voice of reason, making arty think twice before do something, he use an eyepath and have an scar in the other eye.

Miss Bookworm: arty friend and crush, she is really kind and looks dont care by the fact that arty is a changeling

Twilight sparkle and Spike: they normally dont appear, but Arty normally clean her library (with means that the history is happeing in some moment before the season 4 finalle)

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