Artemis Boreas Stoicheion (mostly called Artemis or just Arty) is an OC with a tumblr blog. She is a rather

Artemis new look

Artemis in her suit, bow, and hat.

caring, upbeat pony, but can (and has before) shown unnecessary aggresiveness and periods of depression.  Artemis is employed by the gladiator school she enrolled in when she was a young filly. The wide variety of things that appear on the tumblr include her background story, random questions by other ponies, and things she draws on her spare time. Artemis' life was a very troubled one filled with pain, anger, and other emotions.


Artemis belongs to a family of 11. She has 4 brothers and 4 sisters. Her father was a Unicorn, while her mother was an Alicorn. Only one of her sisters, Khloe, is a unicorn. She was teased a lot by her brothers and sisters because her talent, wind, didn't seem to them as an important or hard task. When she was the young age of 6, she had enough of the teasing and ended up ramming against one of her brothers, injuring him. She was banished from Canterlot afterwards and enrolled in a junior gladiator school soon after

She lived at the school, and as she aged, she met another Alicorn named Star Spearer. After an embarrasing fight with him, she started a relationship with him and eventually married him. They had a child together, named Cynthia. After a while, she figured out that one of her sisters, Hestia, was having an affair with Star spearer. Hestia ended up pregnant with his child. She and star split up soon after she figured out he was cheating on her.

Hestia couldn’t handle the foal she had, so she took the foal under her wing, naming it Hephaestus. As they aged, she gave Cynthia and Hephaestus her cloud home and moved to Canterlot again. An accident destroyed her house, so she moved to the Everfree Forest.

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