Ask Ariel is an ask blog based off one Wonderbolt seen in the background in The Best Night Ever and is in the trio of Wonderbolts fighting big Spike in The Secret to My Excess.

In the blog, she is a proud filly with a sharp tongue. She had a friend growing up with a limp wing named Milo who passed away and was the inspiration for her cutie mark - a heart with wings. She has two older sisters whom are both models, named Glamor Star and Glitter Heart. It has also been revealed that she is the reason that Rainbow Dash can't join the Wonderbolts. Prior to joining the Wonderbolts, she was a member of the Royal Guard, but after a dispute with a higher up, she left.

So far, she has been attacked by evil pie, turned into a toaster and threatened to shoot a fellow Wonderbolt with a Derpy Cannon. Yes, suspend all disbelief ye who enter here...
Pony bazooka

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