Ask Aquilinus
Aquilinus' trademark leer
Ask Aquilinus tumblr
Owner Son Goharotto (dA)
Blog type Ask
Status On hiatus
Date Created October 2011
Main Character(s) Sir Aquilinus

Ask Aquilinus or Ask Aqui, as it is oft abbreviated, is an ask/draw blog from the perspective of one of Princess Celestia's Royal Guards. The white-coated pegasi knights that are often seen in her company are presented here as four brothers (of varying age) with the eldest, Aquilinus, as a Captain of the Guard. Sir Aquilinus himself is characterized as a rakish ladies' man and career solider whose tongue is planted firmly in cheek.


Content is mostly centered around world building and an effort is made to align with show canon as much as possible, filling in details such as the structure of the Equestrian Royal Guard and implying a semipermeable timeline of pony history . Humor comes through in Aquilinus's own circumspect observations of society and his deliberate use of Obfuscating Stupidity .

AskAqui attempts to take a "real life" approach by incorporating mature topics such as war , death , politics , religion , and sexuality. Celestia, for example, is characterized with aspects of "Molestia" and "Trollestia," but these are merely facets of her personality, not an entire Alternate Character Interpretation . Entries are occasionally rated as NSFW or Grimdark , but this is not the principle thrust of the blog. There is no explicitly sexual imagery and violence is depicted through artistic discretion.

There is also a growing stable (no pun intended) of recurring secondary characters, mostly in the form of OCs:

Aquilinus' BrothersEdit

These consist of the twins Mergus and Corvus, and youngest of the four, Pavo.

The CaptainsEdit

Two other Captains complete the Royal Guard commanding council, Sir Long-Stride and Sir High Regard.

The Master-at-ArmsEdit

Master Ironflank, who trains new recruits.

Aquilinus' LieutenantsEdit

Rainy Days and Fulldark.

Other Important CharactersEdit

A thus-far unnamed criminal pegasus who is generally being made an example of.

Interblog LinksEdit

AskAqui sometimes crosses over with other in-character pony blogs, most frequently:


The mod of Ask Aquilinus is Son Goharotto, who has a modblog and a DeviantArt page.


In April 2012, Son put the blog on indefinite hiatus, and through a little bit of juggling of Tumblr URLs, turned the old page into his modblog, and simultaneously picked up the address again with an archive of the old material.

His reasoning for the indefinite hiatus was twofold: a loss of interest from drawing the same character, coupled with incompatibilities with canon: Aquilinus and Shining Armor have the same unique position. Hopefully this won't be the end of the story, but the sheer amount of Aqui content is an achievement in itself. Future projects by Son will be listed here as they occur.