Ask Applejack and Red Engineer
Ask Applejack and Red Engineer tumblr
Blog type Ask, GMOD
Status Active
Date Created November 2011
Main Character(s) Applejack, Red Engineer

Ask Applejack and Red Engineer is an ask blog that follows Applejack and Dell Conagher (RED's Engineer) as they sell apples throughout the country (as well as the GMOD universe). As they travel throughout the land, they manage to stop and answer questions, all thanks to Dell's laptop camera.

This series is a spin-off of My Little Pwny: 2Fort is Magic created by Geron Kizan

How This Series Came to BeEdit

After a still-unexplained incident that created a portal and merged both the universe of Team Fortress 2 and Equestria, the ponies decided to join up with either the RED or BLU team in order to enhance their combat skills, or that's how the story goes.

One day, on his way back from fixing the RED team's soda machine, Dell the RED Engineer took notice of Applejack's lack of apple sales as everyone in Teufort was too busy fighting each other or idling around. Finding a way to cheer Applejack up, Dell proposed that they go on a road trip for Applejack to sell her apples to the people around the country.

Their journey has taken them to numerous places like a Midnight Riders concert in Griffin County, Georgia to Zombietown, Mississippi to even that "strange gas station" in rural Georgia as well as many other places. Luckily, Dell managed to bring along his laptop along to document his and Applejack's memories as well as communicate with the others back at Teufort.

Running GagsEdit

Derpy and DemomanEdit

Due to an unfortunate accident involving his own sticky bombs, Tavish Degroot (RED's Demoman) is constantly being chased by a stickied Derpy Hooves in the background of many comics. So far they've been seen in a few Tumblr entries and a lot of the original comic's entries.

Meet-ups with Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2Edit

It seems that no matter where they go, Applejack and Dell somehow always manage to run into Ellis. And everytime they meet up with him, he goes on one of his stories and tangents about him and his buddy Keith and he...just...won't...shut up.


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