Ask Applebloom
Ask Applebloom tumblr
Blog type Ask
Status Inactive
Date Created 25th May 2011
Main Character(s) Apple Bloom

This is where it all began.

In Honor of the First Tumblr Pony Ask Blog. AskApplebloom the First, the 1st Queen of TumblrPon.

Ask Applebloom (sometimes rendered Ask Apple Bloom) was the very first Tumblrpony blog, and the root inspiration for every blog you see on this site. Lasting only from May 2011 until November the same year, this blog was nevertheless possibly the most important thing to appear on Tumblr within the My Little Pony fandom.

The current site is rehosting the images lost in the deletion of the original. Go check it out.


The concept behind the blog was simple: Applebloom is simply chilling out on Tumblr, chatting to people via the ask box like any other Tumblr user. The key changes to the format were crayon-like drawn replies showing Apple Bloom in the act of replying.

The first question was an Anonymous who asked Applebloom what she would wear in the Grand Galloping Gala. The final question is what drawing software Applebloom uses, and answers it as Paint Tool SAI, as she mostly uses the crayon tool, one of the pictures has Applebloom not drawn by the crayon tool.

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