Ask Another Twilight Sparkle
Ask another twilight sparkle
Ask Another Twilight Sparkle tumblr
Owner PonyPie (DA, Tumblr)
Blog type Ask, Drawn
Status Active
Date Created October 2011
Main Character(s) Twilight Sparkle
Connected With

Ask Another Twilight Sparkle is a drawn askblog for Twilight Sparkle, modeled after other early blogs such as Rainbow Freakin Dash and Ask Trixie.

The blog adheres loosely to the show's canon, but maintains a somewhat flexible approach to its own content. Its primary deviation from canon are its interactions with other pony blogs and a heightened tendency towards moodiness on the part of the main character (along with an associated tendency towards alcohol use).

Relationship with TrixieEdit

Twilight's relationship with Trixie is ambiguous and is presented as being somewhat unclear even to Twilight herself. They can sometimes get along as if they were friends or even something more until Trixie pushes her away. For example, they spent New Year's Eve together but Trixie later pushed Twilight away -- literally -- off a cliff. Their interactions are frequently adversarial (and cliff-related), but clear indications of affection remain present under the conflict's surface.

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