Ask Anomaly Complex
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Owner The Anomalous Artist
Blog type Drawn OC Askblog
Status Active
Date Created 17 August 2013
Main Character(s) Anomaly Complex
Supporting Character(s) TBD

Ask Anomaly Complex follows the adventures of a slightly forgetful but clever colt named Anomaly Complex. He is a slate-ish unicorn pony with a purple-grey streaked mane, and lilac eyes. His cutie mark is a helical interrobang, which according to him represents his frequent "Eureka moments" while brainstorming a new idea. He finds himself alone in his Ponyville home, talking to voices that seem to seep through the plaster walls of his house. He thinks these voices can help him remember what he was doing.

Interrobang new copy

Helical Interrobang Cutie Mark.

History and Personality

As of this date, the only reliable information pertaining to Anomaly's past is his slight Stalingradan accent and his mid-twenties appearance, which suggests he may have been alive during the collapse of Stalliongrad's Steelpony Union (SSU), a large movement which sought to collectivise train engine production. The fact that he is a unicorn is more surprising, since a majority of Stalliongradans were earth ponies, and many groups in the city sought to eliminate others (especially unicorns).

Any other information has not been mentioned, or may be just rumored by others who have met him. Ponies find him amiable, but do not form close bonds with him due to his infrequent trips into town and his odd manner of dress. He usually makes trips to take out physics texts from the library and shop for groceries; even with these trips, the local library may find the texts ordered to his house then deposited back in the book return.

Whenever Anomaly does have company, he usually allows but one pony into his home. Even then, he only shows his complete projects, never his works in progress.

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