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Deep in Everfree Forest

Ask Alton is a Tumblrpon Ask & Story blog. It is run by llimus (aka Bunneh) from her moderator blog, theponysmod. The blog follows the life of Alton, a grumpy, yellow unicorn living in hermitage in Everfree Forest, who often seems to be hiding more than he lets on.

Normally, it is a serious blog, although it's been known to have some fun with silly M!A's now and then. It also uses GIF's extensively throughout the blog.

Ask Soft Step is also run by the same mod.


Alton himself is an arrogant character: confident, secretive, and very intelligent. He is a serious pony, hardly ever cracking a smile or making a joke, and tries desperately not to let anypony near him, emotionally (due to past events not ellaborated on fully but hinted at in the blog).

Story ArcsEdit

While there hasn't been any completed full-size story arcs, there have been a few posts linked together to tell a short story. Two of which are listed below and contain spoilers of the stories.

Selcouth the DragonEdit

"Selcouth the Dragon" is a short series of Alton running across a large dragon living in the Everfree. The dragon, Selcouth, was a Tumblrpon blog that had started the small chain of events, but had become inactive during the story, causing it to end abruptly.

The Night Terrors [In progress]Edit

"The Night Terrors" is a story currently in progress on the blog. In it, Alton reveals that he has been tormented by night terrors for a long time. A candy-making pony, Lolli Conjure, offers to help him out by giving him an "herb candy that can get rid of nightmares and dreams altogether [...]." The only side effect is that it will cause hallucinations. When he uses the candy several weeks later, he is tricked into seeing his dead mother. This causes him a lot of instantaneous stress and he proceeds to mentally break down and act out-of-character. [to be updated]

[to be updated as events progress]


This is a short section for small fun-facts about the character, Alton, and the blog itself.

  • Alton is a converted character & was originally inspired by the popular indie game, Minecraft. He was a halfling (human/elf hybrid) and lived very similarly to how his pony-self does.
  • Cake and sweets hold a very special place in Alton's heart. He'll rarely turn down a gift of such a treat.
  • He appreciates the finer things in life and always strives for nothing but the best. It's become an obsession that fuels his every motive.
  • He doesn't belive in the Mare-in-the-Moon and doesn't know of Luna's return because of his isolation.
  • He also doesn't know of any current events (aka, MLP:FiM (TV series) canon events).


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