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Status Dead
Main Character(s) Matone, Mattwo, Matthree, The Storywriter

Askmat2 is a blog containing several different characters but mostly Wing Ace and Mattwo. It is technically not a "drawn" blog as the art medium is garry's mod however sometimes green screen effects are used to mix mediums usually taking pre-existing images and pasting characters onto them with GIMP as seen here and here. The mod will just about always accept a collaborative project. It's made with gmod due to the mod's drawing skills being poor. This has actually been lampshaded at least twice both times having the character drawing kirby due to his simple design, even referencing the ending theme to the Japanese version of the anime called "Kihon wa Maru" ("first you draw a circle" when translated into english). Humorously, kirby appeared and commented on the drawings. [1] [2]

The blog has been discontinued due to the mod's frustration with the administration of most major social media websites, though the characters can still be found on his Zippcast channel, primarily in the "Mattwo's Random Reviews" series. [1]

Appearing charactersEdit

Not all of the characters have appeared yet., here is a list of characters that may appear or already have appeared.

  • The Mane6
  • G1 Mane6
  • The Luna BLU team (Team Fortress 2)
  • (Most of) The cast of Red vs Blue
  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Amy
  • Robotnik (he is a similar robotnik as askrobotnik in the fact he is every robotnik)
  • Metal Sonic
  • Chaos 0
  • Rouge
  • Classic Sonic
  • Wing Ace and Cloud Ace (Pony OCs)
  • Demowan (TF2 OC, WANnabe DEMOpan)(No longer a character due to critisim)
  • Matone
  • Mattwo
  • Matthree
  • "The Storywritter" (The mod)
  • NiGHTS
  • "Doctor Twooves" (Askmat2 universe Doctor Whooves)
  • Water Mint/"The Crest" (Askmat2 universe Colgate. Does not go by Colgate)
  • Robot Ponies
  • TF2 Ponies
  • Anthroscouts (Derpy, Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, Fire Fly)
  • AntrhoSnipers(Celestia, Molestia, Luna, Trollestia(Pink), Troluna(Pink), "Bluestia" Twilight Sparkle(Not yet seen))
  • Zeccora AnthroDemo
  • Pinkie Anthrosniper
  • Various Background Ponies.(Mostly the "background six " and flower trio)
  • Discord Whooves (both orginal and Aksmat2 universe versions)
  • Ponified TF2 clases(So far the RED and BLU Medics, RED and BLU Scouts, and a RED spy in a black outfit)
  • Deadpool
  • Various pokemon
  • The cutie mark crusaders.
  • The Eleventh Doctor
  • The lord gods
  • (possibly more, as needed or wanted)

You can also look at this post here

Extra BlogsEdit

Due to the excessive amount of use of the Ace Wings, and none of the other characters being directly asked anything, the mod has decided to split up his characters into separate blogs, while still having the characters available to appear, they will not however be accepting questions on their own anymore.

Branched blogs currently include:

No more gmodEdit

Due to events that shall not be discussed, the mod is no longer using gmod. The mod has SFM but ponies presently crash his SFM.

Return to gmodEdit

The mod has gotten fed up with SFM's buggyness and severely low framerate and went back to gmod

More infoEdit

For more info on the main characters please see the following pages:

Cameo characters usually are proxied with ragdolls of those characters or otherwise vector art.



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