Ask-tundra tumblr
Blog type RP/ask Blog
Status Deactivated 10/??/2012
Main Character(s) Tundra

Introduction Edit

ask-tundra is A Mainly RP Based Blog based off a Pony Named Tundra. The ask-tundra blog was made on july 25th 2011, it was mainly used to follow blogs like Drunk celestia and Flutterguy but as it grew it quickly turned into a Rp/Ask blog.

Tundra Edit

Tundra is a nomadic pegasus and amature guitarest. His one goal in life is to bring a smile to everypony he meets and to help make their lives a little easier. His greatest influence was Pinkie pie Kind hearted in nature he is not one to start a fight easily but he will end one.

Early Life Edit

Born in cloudsdale he never knew his parents He was raised by his uncle into a life of music. He always had an interest in guitar but never took it up profesionally

Friends Edit

Tundra has met a lot of people on his travles rangeing from ponies to humans. Some of his closes friends are Maredoc, Shadow ,Pinkie pie, jenny, Nova, killdozer and mapleshine. even though he hangs out with a select group more he considers everyone he meets his friend even if they don't consider him the same

The Doctors assistant Edit

During his travels tundra met a strange pony named the Doctor. In this form The doctor was a female. They went on several adventure stopping the cyberponies and others. From time to time Tundra would have his own adventures without the doctor and even stealing the tardis from her. After The doctor had gotten married and had foals Their adventures had finally ended but Tundra never stopped being her assistant and constant companion. After meeting several other versions of the Doctor including a male version He gave the doctor the nick name "Maredoc"

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