Ask-g1-Sunspot is a now deleted text based ask/RP tumblr blog featuring the first generation Earth Pony Sunspot.

Sunny Days are Here Again


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Ask, RP, and Text

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Safe for Work

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Sunspot still makes appearances in another pony ask blog, The Traveling Pony.


This blog had one character, a generation one earth pony named Sunspot. Her cutiemark is a smiling sun.


From time to time, Sunspot and the ponies of another ask blog, The Traveling Pony, interact with each other.


  • Sunspot was released in 1988 the same year the mod was born.

The ModEdit

Firlalaith, who also runs another ask pony blog called The Traveling Pony, is the mod of ask-g1-sunspot.

See AlsoEdit

Traveling Pony - Tumblr is here.


Below are some images of Sunspot. Additional artwork of Sunspot can be found here, in a gallery on the mod's deviantART account.

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