Ask-Inkiepie tumblr
Owner lightdasher (dA)
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created September 2011
Main Character(s) Inkie Pie

Ask-Inkiepie is an ask blog of Inkie Pie who seems to have walked in the Cupcakes Pinkamena's footsteps, although soon later calming down from a dark blog into a more of a cutsie blog, it does however still have it's dark moments and is mildly NSFW.

Follower MilestonesEdit

Usually every one hundred or so followers, a thank you drawing is drawn.

It used to consist of a picture of Inkie showing her gratitude, now it seems to be drawings of different tumblr users who follow her. So far Ask-Inkie has reached a 2,000 milestone.


A multitude of characters have appeared usually as a one of appearance, although some make frequent returns such as Applebloom or Doctor Whooves.

Inkie Pie, obviously

Blinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie


Derpy Hooves

Doctor Whooves



Sweetie Belle


Dinky Do


Twilight Sparkle


Carrot Top


Ask-Inkie has had many crossovers so far, mostly with AskTheDoctorAllons-y and Ask_Discord_Whooves, Although she has also crossed over with herself many times before as well as a Trixie blog

Ask The Time MasterEdit

In this blog, Inkie is the Master's companion, traveling with him and in general, acting cute and creepy.


-Inkie's hair alway's covers the right side of her face as she has scars being hidden by her hair.

-Inkie cannot swim.

-Inkie is bisexual thanks to Doctor Whooves.

-Inkie burns in the sunlight, but is also afraid of being in a pitch black room.

-Inkie, like her sister Pinkie, can also break the fourth wall, usually into other tumblr

-Inkie rapes everyone, no excuses

-Always needs more Inkie

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