Ask-Ghost Everfree
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Date Created 3/24/2013
Main Character(s) Ghost Everfree


Ghost Everfree Is a reaper stallion that has to bare the pain of losing all the reapers.

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Made by Zacharyisaacs

Ghost lives in the Everfree Ruins alone.He likes the Everfree Forest because it's peaceful and he does not have to do much work because the Everfree run itself. His work as a reaper is to maintain balence and protect innocent souls by killing zomies, shadows, witchs, demons, and spirts that area threat.

His wepons of choice would be hoof baldes, scythe, and 50. cal drum clip pistols. His favorite activites is to stroll through the forest and gamble.


The story so far is that the reapers are gone for some mysterious reason but the only clue is that it's Ghost fault. 


No one

He does not have a specific enemy but has a target Class: Demon Name: Jest Burn.

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