Ask Evil Spike
Even the nice ones have their limits.
Ask-Evil-Spike tumblr
Blog type Roleplay
Status Active
Main Character(s) Spike
Supporting Character(s) Abusive Twilight Sparkle

"I used to be nice and happy, but not anymore. From now on, I'm just going to be angry and rude."

Ask-Evil-Spike is a roleplay blog for an angry version of Spike. The blog is currently open to anyone who wants to roleplay with him.

(This page is currently a work in progress and still needs to be edited.)


Evil Spike used to be just like regular Spike, only his version of Twilight was much ruder then the normal version. She bossed him around, sent him on dangerous errands, and flat out neglected him. Even when talked to about it she seemed to just not care. Finally one day Spike just sort of snapped and became very pissed off.

Status with his friends and othersEdit

For the most part he’s just pissed, especially when his universe’s Twilight is brought up. He knows of the other universe’s and that not all Twilight’s are like his, but he still can’t be around them as it reminds him of his Twilight. However, if he gets to talk to them and get off his chest what he has to say, he will start to calm down to them. He also has not forgotten his friends, and while he may act short tempered to them, he still acts nice to them. He still has some sort of affection to Rarity, She’s the only pony Spike will actually talk and possibly be happy when he does talk to her.

Anger levelsEdit

Due to Twilight's abuse, he only has five real levels of emotion, not counting when he's around his friends or Rarity.

gitated: This is Spike when he’s at his calmest, he will try to keep a cool head but will still go off if pushed.

Pissed/Neutral: Currently the mood he’s at the most, at most he will swear but that’s about it.

Rising anger: When he starts to be pushed Spike will start to lose it and will start making threats, he’s at least five steps away from completely losing his cool.

Full on Pissed: This is when Spike will start to lose it. He will actively attack whoever pushed him this far and will blow off steam by going into the Everfree Forest and destroying the environment. After a while he will start to calm down.

Completely off the deep end: He will go on a rampage and start destroying and burning anything that comes within ten feet of him. After about fifteen minutes he will retreat to his cave in the Everfree Forest and the next day will be calmed down to Pissed/Neutral. In this stage he will grow and become stronger.

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