Ask-Caramel-Pony tumblr
Owner Kucyki
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created August 26, 2011
Main Character(s) Caramel

A blog without a real center focus is the blog of Ask-Caramel-Pony, following My Little Pony's background Character dubbed "Caramel " in the episode of Winter Wrap up.

Artist of the Blog (Art section of the blog)Edit

Currently Maintained by the Brony Kucyki,

Training by Kucyki

one of Kucyki's lighter Pictures featuring the character "Shining Armour"

drawings are made on occasion that are affiliated with the My Little Pony franchise ranging from Grimdark and Rule 34 based drawings, to more tame and lovable ones.

The artist of the blog usually makes drawings that coincide with how he feels, drawing darker thigns when he's upset or depressed, and lighter things when he's more content, seeing as the owner suffers from depression and mild mood swings.

He does take requests and even currently maintains a new Draw Blog based on the hospital patient in "Reed it and Weep" taking his lack of a mane to create A cancer diagnosed patient: Calvin


The majority of the story behind Caramel is him trying to over come his fears as being a male-prefering Bisexual pony in Ponyville. He's played as the fandom made sexuality of being homosexual since it adds apeal to the audience and plays with the owners own sexuality.

The current cannon for Caramel includes that his old fiance had left him (Due to complications with innactivity of the previous owner of "SilverStrings" and dates on occassoin, being more comfortable with his sexuality and likes to talk to other ponies in the community.

He's currently a care taker for The Operator. A pony whom holds great psychic powers and abilities, but has been tamed under the hoof of Caramel.

The owner of the blog plans on keeping the blog more strict to an art blog/ draw blog.

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