Ask-Calvin tumblr
Owner Kucyki
Blog type Draw Blog & Ask Blog
Status Active
Date Created June 8, 2012
Main Character(s) Calvin (Hospital Patient)

A Draw blog based on a Pony in Ponyville's hospital as seen in the episode "Read it and Weep".


Calvin is a young adult male Earth pony whom has just learned he's been diagnosed with a form of Leukemia.

A panel from the blog featuring Calvin.

He was originally shown in the episode of "Read it and Weep" as being the patient from whom Rainbow Dash was assumed to be stealing his slippers. Calvin is currently mildly distraught

Calvin being very distraught over his condition and not feeling very well after Chemotherapy.

and in mild denial about his condition and shows the drive to fight through it.

Story lineEdit

So far, the blog doesn't have a big established story line.

Calvin has been checked into Ponyville's best hospital where he's diagnosed with Leaukemia, a form of blood cancer. Here he's distraught over the news and is upset over his condition and constantly tries to put it off, with little success.

He's already begun treatment, as shown with his lack of a mane due to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

It's also shown that Magic cannot be used to simply put the cancer away since magic doesn't work in that way.


See more in the Ask-Caramel-Pony page.

The art behind the blog is drawn by Kucyki, maintainer of the Ask-Caramel-Pony tumblr blog and artist of the fandom.

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