Ask-Alli was an ask blog run by Flutterwhat focusing on the Adventure's of a alternate universe version of Allie Way. While the plot of the the 'first season' didn't follow any known story arch, the second season would have been set to take place in the world of Meekanaught, A Land that is made in Minecraft for use in the backrounds of Ask-Alli's panels.


The blog was started by Flutterwhat on the day of Allie Way's first, and only, apperance in 'The Cutie Pox'. she was a bowling themed pony and the start of the blog reflected this. Flutterwhat's art started inproving overtime, and around half way though the season, he started giving Allie Way characteristics that defined her away from other Ask Blogs of the same character.

Allie Way

Thoughtout her life, Allie way has always wanted grand adventure. A regular bowling chapion allready, she sought to create more fame and fortune for herself by uncovering secrets and discovering new, and magical, things. She took out a huge loan from a Mafia Kingpin in ponyville, but failed to pay it back in time. She was sent off by the Kingpin to sail with the crew of a cargo ship and ended up strandid in the lands of the Griffins, and was later forced to compete in their violent variations of bowling. She came back to ponyville, and her blog, with eye scars and a darker attitude.

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