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Applejack RPs with y'all

The Applejack RPs with y'all blog is an independent RP Blog run by the same mod as Ask Canon Applejack. This RP tumblr will not partake in select types of rps, things of a more smut, or NSFW varity are typically not things the blog partakes in. However they occasionally delve into situations which involve alchohol consumption, and things of that nature.

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RP, Text

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Safe For Work

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Mod Blog:

Mental Bubbles

Follower MilestonesEdit

The blog doesn't seem to do anything special at any set milestone for gaining followers.


This blog focuses on a single character, Applejack.

Applejack is a well known canon character that is part of the mane six. She is the mane, and only character of this blog.


This blog is an rp blog, so to an extent every action it does is a crossover.

The ModEdit

The Mod, Mental Bubbles is also the mod of Ask Canon Applejack, which is an independent Ask blog that focuses on the same canon Character. The Ask tumblr can be found on the wiki, here .

See AlsoEdit

This blog interacts with many other blog pages.

Start with a glance here .


This Blog does not have a gallery.

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