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Ewtsuro ( Also known as Alex ), is a Tumblr user. ( Blog: )

He seems to be known for his overuse of keyboard smashing, as well as his non stop bickering with TheFrUkingHero over certain, if not all subjects. He also enjoys cosplaying as Shuu, alongside one of his many bizzare friends, Francis.

He has many talents, one of them being drawing, another being cosplaying.

More informationEdit

Alex seems to attract a load of girls, those being:

- Pata ( Anglais-Rose)

- Minty

- Charm

- Poulet ( Suck-My-FrUk )

- Francis

- Demon!France.

Yes, all of those are girls.


He's known as being a nice guy, and quite a good laugh, though also bird obessed.

Which is where we come to Hatoful, his latest obession.

Which is really odd.

I'll just skip it.

And finish this here.

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