Achromatic Dash
Achromatic Dash as of now
Achromatic Dash tumblr
Owner Zip (TheArtsyFox)
Blog type Storyline Ask
Status Active
Date Created May 28th, 2013
Main Character(s) Rainbow Dash
Supporting Character(s) Not determined
Connected With None yet


Background InformationEdit

Achromatic Dash was created by Zip on May 28th 2013.  Zip created this blog after seeing a confession on mlpartconfessions that RLD wasn't as exciting as a first look might suggest. So after that Zip got to work, working on the storyline, the design of this new Rainbow Dash herself, and what happened leading up to the grey dreary hair.



The main origin

The confession as seen on the right, is what started Achromatic Dash, in a sense. Zip had already wanted to create a Rainbowless dash, but seeing abstracts RLD put her out of it. But after seeing this confession, it begins.

Legend of the Sonic RainboomEdit

The Sonic Rainboom was a mares tale, passed down by oral tradition for many years. Every pegasus dreamed about doing it one day. But nopony knows the legend behind the legend. The sonic rainboom was a very popular trick to perform at shows long before Rainbow Dash performed it. Nearly every pegasus could perform it with each of their own respective colors. The wonderbolts were originally a team of seven, each at least one color of the rainbow. After a while of performing the Rainboom, the wonderbolts became dull and grey, thus being replaced all the time. Until how to do the trick was leaked into the public and thats when the horrible truth had been discovered. Performing the rainboom was a danger to the pony that performed it and everypony stopped performing it. The story was told with the fact that it would turn you grey until that part was slowly forgotten and then the Sonic Rainboom was just a legend, with a dark secret.

Each time the Rainboom is performed, it slowly sucks the spectra out of the pony's body, when the pony performs it more than 3 times, this is the end result. It mainly sucks the spectra out of the mane, but still sucks some spectra out of the coat and eyes.

How Rainbow Dash loses her RainbowEdit

Rainbow Dash was at her second Best Young Fliers competition, she had a different routine, she would start off with a Rainboom to remind her onlookers of what great things she did last time. But it went horribly wrong when her wing broke in several different places and the other one was pulled out of place. The pain knocked her out cold and she began to fall from her Rainboom start-height. She fell to the ground and heard a far off voice, this voice is Spitfire, who will later be important in the story. Her colors dissapear slowly in her stay at the hospital.

Far off

Spitfire is the "far off voice" and the hoove that is seen displayed in this picture.

Rainbow Dash's injuriesEdit

Even though only her broken wing injury is portrayed the second update, she had gotten a skull fracture, her other wing was pulled out of place and she had to have her ear drums surgically fixed due to the fact they burst.

Follow Achromatic Dash to keep on finding out more on the story!Edit

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