Aby is a young unicorn mare that left her childhood house to discover her place in Equestria. She is about to live experiences out of the ordinary with the ponies she will meet on her way to find her cutiemark.

She is an emotional and social pony who loves to hang out in the crowd, don't be surprised to find her swifting her hooves on the dancefloor!

A different PonyvilleEdit

Ponyville have changed over the years and has become a developped city with high buildings, bars, clubs, robbers and lots of weird ponies.

Her friends (Secondary character(s))Edit


Kathrin is a renowned mecanician that specialises in neuro-adapted prothesis. She lets Aby work with her while she try to find her cutiemark.





Commonly known as Spartangreywolf on Deivantart. See the link up there.

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