Abisaaurus and Swirly
[ Abisaaurus / Mabelton-pines tumblr]
Owner Abisaaurus
Blog type OC / Non-Pony
Status Active
Date Created September 2011
Main Character(s) Swirly

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Mabelton-pines / Abisaaurus is a blog run by some kid called Abby, who currently resides in the magical land of New Zealand. She likes graphic art, photography, of course MLP: FiM, rainbows and speaking in third-person.

Her blog consists of MLP: FiM posts, as well as posts from a few other fandoms and her own personal posts, as this is both her mod blog and her OC's blog. She'll someday make a separate ask-blog when her OC, Swirly, gets popular.

Swirly and her hat.

About SwirlyEdit

Her current OC is Swirly, a timid pegasus who has deep blue eyes, a white coat, dark mane and tail, and ears that match the colour of her mane. She is frequently seen wearing her favourite panda hat, made with holes for her ears.

She lives in Cloudsdale and is usually seen drifting on her favourite bit of cloud, which somehow has a mind of its' own due to the fact that it was magically enchanced by some unicorn. Swirly likes to fly around and have races with her cloud. She's a very shy pony, and she's rather lonely as it's hard for her to make new friends.

Cutie Mark and Special Talent Edit

Swirly's cutie mark is made up of a heart placed in the middle of two outstretched wings. Her special talent is being extremely kind and caring towards other ponies and always helping out others who need assistance.

Author's NotesEdit

(( I know, this page is a bit short, but I'll continue it when I start up the whole ask-thing, as I don't want to give away any major spoilers to her back story! Also, I'm new to Wikia, so please bear with my mistakes c: ))

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