A Distinctive Lack of Ponies
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A Distinctive Lack of Ponies tumblr
Owner Top Hat and Monocle
Blog type Story/Art/Ask
Status Active
Date Created July 8, 2012
Main Character(s) Unnamed Pony, Aurora
Supporting Character(s) Time Lady
Connected With

A Distinctive Lack of Ponies is a primarily story blog, which revolves around the escapades and adventures of two ponies, one of which is a mysterious unnamed pony-cyborg, while the other is an unidentified creature with incredibly strong, mysterious powers, named Aurora. 

The story of the blog begins with the unnamed character in Twilight Sparkle's library, telling how he had made his way in, when he is cut off by a sleeping Twilight, murmuring in her slumber. The next we hear of the pony, he is at Pony Summer Camp (a TumblrPon event that took place around a year ago), resting on a cloud with Aurora, waiting for other campers to arrive. The two of them partake in several of the activities that the camp has to offer, which include archery , music, and saving lives.

Eventually, Aurora partakes in a magic show, in which she creates fireworks by using her otherworldly powers. She wins the competition, which was hosted by magnuslevin (Tumblr has since been deleted.)

In the meantime, the unnamed character recovers from his coma , caused by a crash-landing with a tree whilst saving a pony's life. 

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